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L.O.T.S.O.C Focus
1977 DeTomaso Pantera Group C Racer (Chassis 0001)
IS this a 200K Pantera? You tell me.... ... more
L.O.T.S.O.C Focus
300K Mangusta shatters record
A restored deTomaso Mangusta breaks the record for highest price paid at $331,959 ... more
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Soft Squeeze
Virtual bubblewrap Web Site
 Now I have seen everything, Mary heard this on NPR and wow. ...more
Barns and Nobel
 Click here to get B&N ...more
How to move a president in a few hours
 Ex-White House usher details whirlwind moving operation for Bush, Obama ...more
Some times you need to Laugh at High Tech
 Some times you need to Laugh at High Tech ...more
Dam! Thank goodness for the Kevlar!
 Kevlar works! See how it saves lives ...more

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