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This active and growing club was founded in 1989 by Jim and Marlene Craig as an outgrowth of the North American Auto Union Register.   The current Chairman, Steve Sears, took over from Byron Brill in 2004.  Under under Bryon's chairmanship outstanding leadership, the club roster had grown and as of April, 1998, lists about 150 members with a broad range of pre and post WWII cars, Mungas, vans, Universals and motorcycles.  DKW and related models, toys and memorabilia are also prized items.   It is the only active DKW group in North America.  The club helps owners and enthusiasts find cars, motorcycles, parts and information.    If you own a DKW or if you're interested in finding one to buy, the club can be very helpful.

The outstanding, large-format newsletter (The Blue Cloud) is now published Yearly.  Members contribute technical articles, parts interchange information, and stories about life with a DKW.  If you are so inclined, your contributions are welcomed.

Some members offer the opportunity for others to join them in regional meets around the country on an occasional basis.  For the past several years, there has been both an East Coast and a West Coast DKW get together that always involves lots of DKW viewing, talking and driving.  Of course traditional or German style barbecues are usually a featured event.  Members also get together and represent the marque at other car events such as the Unique Little Car Show, the Orphan Car Show and various classic and vintage car shows held throughout the year.

Founder Jim Craig has specialized in tracking down sources of parts both on a domestic and international basis.  He is doing an outstanding job and his column in The Blue Cloud is a must for any DKW owner.  He has located parts sources in Europe, Mexico, South America and Africa so that almost any part is now available.  He also provides valuable tips to expedite dealing with international parts suppliers as well as considerations  in dealing with suppliers of used parts.

For the technically inclined, The Blue Cloud includes articles ranging from maintenance and repair processes, two stroke theory, modifications (e.g., upgrading shift linkages), performance data on various production models and DKW race cars.

Since a great deal of information and many parts come from Germany, the club has taken advantage of Louie Niederhammer's offer to act as International Club Liason.  Louie, who is fluent in German has also translated technical information and DKW stories into English.  He also maintains liason with the many international DKW clubs throughout the world.  In addition, the club has acquired an International Motorcycle Liason from the Netherlands.  His name is Jos Mol.  He has driven a DKW motorcycle for more than 30 years and is actively restoring bikes today.  Jos is fluent in English and German and can be contacted for urgent inquiries on any type of bike.  Contact him at

The Club Store provides the opportunity to purchase DKW windshield stickers, T-shirts, calendars and  books to enhance your enjoyment of DKW club participation.



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