Special Messages - 2/10/2001

1. Announcing a change in the  "Photo Marketplace" page.      This page will remain a restricted marketplace page that is limited to DKW or Auto Union cars and motorcycles only.  Parts adds will not be put on the page.  All  adds must be accompanied by a photo of the vehicle.  Adds can be submitted to the webmaster via e-mail or snail mail.  I will return snail mail photos if requested.  The change will be that I will integrate the Junkyard Dogs and Cats page and will simply denote junkyard ads as such.

2.  Changes to the website to improved speed and readability.  Several members and others have asked that we take steps to speed up the site and make it a little more readable with better use of colors so I have made some changes.  The most effective has been to minimized the photos on each page and let users go to the galleries to see what they are interested in.  I am always interested in feedback pro or con.  Changes are not hard and I will try to accomodate as many comments as I can.

3.  Announcing the addition of a set of photo galleries.  Our ISP has allocated us more room on their server.  I plan to take advantage of that by adding some photo galleries.  We would like to encourage members to submit pictures and a few notes about their cars so we can use them for the Featured Car page.  We are interested in everyday cars, projects and show cars alike.

4.  DKW oriented events are relatively rare. We are open to suggestions as to how far ranging anyone would like to go in identifying events to include on the web page.  We would also encourage anyone to identify any events that are felt to be of general interest to DKW club members.

5. DKW Club member Larry Claypool here. I just got the latest catalogue
from Lilliput Motors ( a model supplier) and there is some DKW news.

Revell has just introduced a 1/18th scale, die cast  metal model of a
AU1000S coupe, circa 1961. I have one already, and it is quite detailed.
It's two tone grey with a light  grey body and dark grey top. doors and
hood open. red interior. price is $59.50. also in the same issue (#45) they are
having a sale on selected  Schuco models (about 1/64th scale) until  May
15th. I realize there might not be enough time to make a timely notice of
this sale, but I thought I'd pass the info on anyway. items of interest

DKW 3=6 in green (is probably really a F93 2 dr) order #351; reg $25, now $5.25

DKW van , fire department version in red, order #553, reg $35, now $9.50

"      "    , German post office version in orange, order #552, now $9.50

"    "  , red, has some logo I can't make out, order #555sp, now  $9.50

Lilliput can be reached anytime at (1-800-846-8697)